The Pros and Cons of a Cat Trees For Large Cats

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Keeping a cat can be a good hobby and it can be your friend at home. However, you need to give the best place for your cat so that your cat will feel happy to live inside your house.

Besides, you also need to know its behavior. As we know that cats like scratching or clawing on a certain area. How do you solve this problem anyway?

Of course, the best way to facilitate your cat that really likes scratching is by providing a cat tree for your cat.

What are the benefits of cat trees anyway? Here are some of the advantages and disadvantages of cat trees that you must know.

The Advantages of Cat Trees

A cat tree is a term for a place that is specifically designed and created for cats that really like clawing. It is also known as scratching post. What are the advantages of cat trees?

Scratching Post for Your Cat

Do you know that your cat really like clawing on your sofa? It must be annoying because your sofa will be damaged when it is clawed by your cat. It is normal for a cat that likes clawing.

In this case, you only need to provide a special area to let your cat clawing. This is the main advantage of cat tree which is designed to give a place to claw to your cat.  So, your sofa is no longer damaged because your cat already has a good spot to scratch.

Good for Home Decoration

A cat tree can be a good thing to decorate your home. Of course, you can choose a unique cat tree that has a special design.

You may buy a cat tree in the market and there are a lot of cat tree options available anyway. You can choose a cat tree that has some leaves or without leaves. It will make your home look fantastic and harmonious.

A Place to Play for Your Cat

It is undeniable that your cat likes playing around but your cat may not have a good place to do it. If you have more than one cat, then it would be better for you to facilitate your cats with a cat tree along with small cat house. You can also add some toys and tunnels to make them feel happier when playing around.

The Disadvantages of Cat Tree

In addition the advantage, a cat tree also has some disadvantages but it depends on your decision either. The first disadvantage is that a cat tree may be costly when you buy the best one. It is not too big but you need to prepare your budget to buy one.

However, some of the cat lovers never care about the price and they still buy it. The second is that a cat tree may need more space. If you do not have enough room, then it will be difficult to place a cat tree inside your house.

Find top 5 cat trees

Find Top 5 Cat Trees For Large Cats (Photo Credit –

So, before you buy a cat tree, make sure that your house has enough space to place it. The third is that your cat may not want to claw on the cat tree that you buy and prefer to claw on your sofa, so the cat tree will be useless if your cat does not like it.

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