Pregnancy health insurance, why more important than ever?

Pregnancy Insurance

Health Insurance Pregnancy, Why?

Pregnancy health insurance is very popular in present day. Because it can helps you to cover your birth and prenatal care, pediatric and vaccinations for your baby. And that is why pregnancy health insurance is more important than ever, if you are trying to be pregnant or pregnant.

Here is good news; the new changes of health care insurance law (known as Affordable Care Act) will starting from this fall, which will give people much protection from unfair health insurance plan. Also most of the people will need health insurance plan in 2014. For this kind of changes of insurance law peoples will be highly benefited, especially pregnant women. Now they will have more and more choices to take a health insurance plan with more benefits, too.

Where to Get Pregnancy Insurance?

If you are an employee then first ask to your employer; does they provide any health insurance or not? If they provide then ok, if not then you can easily find your individual insurance plan in your state’s health insurance marketplace. Where you also can compare from many plans, you can find a low cost or free plans (get financial help from government) depending on your yearly income.

Medicaid; is a free health insurance plan available for pregnant women who meet the yearly income requirements. It provides free prenatal care with many healths benefits.

Am I qualified for Medicaid?

Medicaid coverage is available in all states and only for pregnant women, who earn less than $20,000 per year. Though the amount can varies by state (check it by yourself in your states health insurance marketplace). Medicaid coverage ends after 60 days of your baby born.

Which area does Pregnancy insurance cover?

After new changes in insurance law all health care including pregnancy insurance plans cover the necessary health benefits. The following areas will be covered:

1.  Maternity care (before and after baby is born)
2.  Newborn care (after baby is born)
3.  Breastfeeding support and supply
4.  Diabetes test and analysis
5.  Birth control process and counseling and so on

Remember, every plan will differ in their benefits. It is very important to identify your exact insurance plan so that you can get proper care in addition to avoid unwanted medical bills. If you are interested to get any plan, call your insurance provider right now to ensure all your health benefits.

Can a Insurance plan refuse, because I’m pregnant?

Before 2014, many health insurance providers refused applications because of pregnancy or turn you down with some of their plans which considered as pregnancy preexisting condition. But starting from 2014, Affordable Care Act will be applicable and that’s why any insurance companies cannot refuse or deny your health insurance application for your pregnancy; even they cannot charge more to get any of plans. They cannot adjust your plan premium, the amount you pay per month for your health plan based on your health conditions and gender.

Will I get the same health benefits from any state?

The truth is each state and each plan will not be same. Every state picks health insurance plans depend on the basic benefits people must have. So check all benefits deeply.

Few questions to ask your insurance provider:

1.  What types of maternity benefits will I get?
2.  Does my plan cover breastfeeding support and supply?
3.  After my baby born, can I add my baby to my health insurance plan?
4.  What happens if my baby needs more days to stay in the hospital?

Women who don’t take any pregnancy insurance plan, they always worried on how they will pay their medical bills and manage all costs when they will have baby. So, do not passing time being worried. Take your pregnancy health insurance plan right now and be safe.

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Image Credit:

Featured Image: PG Requeni Via Flickr (Creative Commons)

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