A Closer Look to Philips Norelco Electric Shavers

Philips Norelco Shaver

Philips Norelco is one of the most trusted brands when it comes to electric shaver. The price of Norelco Electric Shavers is also lower compared to other brands, but they still are quality products that deliver excellent performance. Norelco has its own line of best electric shaver categories and these are the Arcitec, Nivea for Men, 8200 and 7000 series.

Philips Norelco’s Arcitec is designed for ultimate performance. They can shave every curve of your face and cut the hairs close giving you a feeling of clean comfort. It follows every curve from your face to your neck to give you the ultimate shaving experience. It combines revolutionary technology and high performance design to give you an accurate and close shave.

It can even shave the hairs growing in different directions and is capable of hugging the skin without rubbing against it. This will prevent irritation which is great for people with sensitive skin. It applies the Flex Pivot and Triple-Track razor technologies to give you a perfect shave by giving attention to every stroke.

Included in the Arcitec is a Jet Clean System which washes away the stubbles and does the task cleaning and lubricating your razor for you. You don’t have to manually clean it after use but if you prefer to do it your way, you can clean it by just rinsing it with running water.

The next series of Philips Norelco’s electric shavers is Nivea for Men. This series is manufactured for the intention of giving you the perfect shave and healthy skin since most of the ordinary shavers leave you with dull and irritated skin after shaving. It has an Advanced Skin Protection feature which dispenses a conditioner when you shave using Nivea for Men. This is to prevent skin irritation and give you a smooth and healthy finish.

Its dispensed Moisturizing Shaving Conditioner not only protects your skin from skin irritations, it also nourishes and soothes it to promote healthy skin. This is made possible because of the Vitamin E and Provitamin B5 content which continues to protect your skin even if you’re done shaving. The lotion that is used contains Natural Microtec which makes the absorption of the moisture into the skin faster.

Philips Norelco’s 8200 series has a Precision Cutting System that enables it to shave even the shortest stubbles. It also applies the Super Lift Technology which enables it to shave flat hairs by lifting them up. This shaver has the ability to follow every curve of your face and neck, allowing you to quickly get the job done.

The last series of Philips Norelco’s electric shavers is the 7000 series. Just like other series, the models for the 7000 series uses the Precision Cutting System and the Super Lift and Cut technology to maximize your shaving experience. It also comes with Individual Floating heads and the precision trimmer.

Choosing which Norelco electric shaver to buy requires a thorough analysis of your needs and the features of the product. Finding the right features and taking your skin type into consideration will help you make the best decision.

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