New Mesothelioma Treatment Options, Patients Last Hopes

New Mesothelioma Treatment

New mesothelioma treatment is getting very popular for increasing of patients. Now this plan is taken by the all. So if you are one suffering from long time and still not getting satisfactory results then you must go with new mesothelioma treatment.

Several treatment methods are available for mesothelioma patients like – surgery, chemotherapy, radiation and multimodal therapy. Doctors usually used this proven treatment method to give exact and fastest treatment. But I think you should consult with well-known specialist before taking any decision because they know better than us. After diagnosis doctor will selects which treatment you should follow. In mesothelioma treatment, doctor will applies chemotherapy before executing surgery and then they will apply radiation therapy which will control your cancer moving one area to another.

New Mesothelioma Treatment

In below we present 5 new treatment options for mesothelioma patients:

Step-1: Photodynamic therapy

Photodynamic therapy generally applied after surgery commonly for the patients of pleural mesothelioma. When doctors execute surgery, they remove most of the evident tumors. But surgery cannot remove all; always some microscopic cancer cell left behinds in the effected area or body. Here photodynamic therapy can helps the patients by removing this cancer cells but patients will face some side effects.

This treatment options used light energy to remove remaining cancer cells from body. Drugs are used to make cancer cells highly sensitive to light to kill them without killing healthy cells of the body. Though it is in the testing stage, but it’s a very effective and useful mesothelioma and other cancer treatment option.

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Step-2: Gene Therapy

Gene Therapy is a new and upcoming treatment options for mesothelioma with other cancer diseases. Though this treatment is in the trial stage but in near future it can be the potential treatment for cancer patients. It fights cancer by changing healthy genetic cells to cancer cells. This is the effective way and doctors generally used viruses into new malignant cells. This therapy can increase the usefulness of mesothelioma treatment.

Step-3: Immunotherapy

Immunotherapy treatment used to fight cancer applying patient’s immune system. It is used its own immune system to treat mesothelioma with other cancer diseases. This treatment is applied with other treatment option to enhance the usefulness of cancer treatment. Various kinds of immunotherapy are applied in various cases. This therapy makes active immune system to fight cancer naturally. Like – in general sickness we used vaccines which are an active immunotherapy. This therapy is designed to target on specific cancer cells which make sure that our healthy cells will not effected ever while cancer cells are killed.

Step-4: Hormonal Therapy

Hormonal therapies are completely different with hormone replacement therapy. It involves the forming of hormone which can treat various kinds of cancer, because most of the cancer depends on hormone growth. This therapy is helpful and used as supportive to decrease the chance of return cancer cells after surgery. Hormonal therapy has less side effects and many patients did not face any side effects yet. Talk to your doctor for best advice before taking any major decision.

Step-5: Heat Therapy

Heat therapy is a new kind of treatment options for the patients. This therapy generally applied on the chemotherapy stage before injected the patients. It can kill most of the effected tumor cells. This is a new mesothelioma treatment options known as chemo hyperthermia which provides best results.

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