Mesothelioma Treatment Options with Alternative Medicine

mesothelioma treatment

Mesothelioma Treatment is the best option for the patients. It is a short form of malignant mesothelioma, and it is a very aggressive and rare form of cancer which grows within protective lining that protects our inner organs of bodies. In many cases it is find out when diagnosis that most of the patients do not find any symptoms when they are in a primary stage. That is why it’s getting advanced. Do you know, each year about 3k cases of mesothelioma diagnosed only in USA?

There are 3 main parts of the body where mesothelioma produced, these 3 locations are:

#  75% patients are effected in their lungs
#  20% patients are effected in their abdominal cavity
#  Extra 5% patients are effected in their lining of heart

Mesothelioma Treatment

Mesothelioma treatment completely depends on diagnosis. Usually there are two kinds of treatment: palliative and curative. Palliative treatment will make your life easier when you live with mesothelioma cancer. Doctors will analyze your symptoms to help you to lead a better life. In curative treatments such as surgery can remove your cancer from your body. Also chemotherapy and radiation treatments can helps you. In below we will discuss 4 Mesothelioma treatment option:

Step-1: Surgery

Surgery can cut your tumors with chemotherapy are the best treatment option of mesothelioma that can eliminates your cancer from your body. Surgeons are executing surgery to eliminate cancer from lining of the abdominal cavity or lungs. Generally surgeries depend on your present health situation and stage of the cancer. Though it has some risk factor but after successfully done your life will changed completely.

Step-2: Chemotherapy

Chemotherapy is connected with all types of cancer treatment. The most successful and common chemotherapy plan for a mesothelioma patient is a coalition of the pemetrexed and cisplatin drugs.

Chemotherapy is intended to kill a cancer cell which is very effective. But they also effected on healthy cells that can makes a patient feeling badly after finish treatment. That is why some patient doesn’t like chemotherapy. According to me, you should consult with a good specialist who can help you to pick the right treatment options for you.

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Step-3: Radiation Therapy

Radiation therapy is generally arranged with other treatment in addition to help you to reduce the growths of cancer. It has less side effects than chemotherapy has. It also helps the mesothelioma cancer patients to reduce their physical pain and used to control cancers growth. Though, radiation can damage the DNA when killing cancer cells. This treatment is used meagerly and only with definite kinds of mesothelioma. Radiation therapy can be applied in palliative condition when there is no option for surgery.

Step-4: Multimodal Therapy

Multimodal therapy is a combination of surgery, chemotherapy and radiation treatment plan which is very effective and recommended by the cancer specialists. In this treatment, cancer specialists from different section, plan together and work together which is best for you. Patients who go with this treatment is now able to lead an active life by keep mesothelioma outside.

Alternative Medicine

Alternative medicine cannot cure this disease, but help the patient physically and mentally. They generally used with traditional cancer treatment. Alternative treatment likes – Yoga, Acupuncture, Message, aromatherapy and naturopathy are applied to relieve from mesothelioma pain as well as meditation helps the patients to reduce their mental stress.

Latest diagnostic equipment, modernized surgical techniques and best combination of chemotherapy drugs are play vital role to prevent this disease. Though there is no way to cure but these curative treatment options can increase your life span. If you are a victim then above mesothelioma treatment option can give you an active life.

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