5 Best Weight Loss Apps for your Smart Phone

weight loss apps

Why weight loss apps?

Weight loss apps is the best option if you desire to be slim and want to lead a fat less life. It truly can help you to slim down by stick to your diet plan. To me this smart phone (Android & iPhone) apps are the most important weight loss tools. Because when you aim to losing weight, responsibility is the key fact and your smart phone apps can help with that. For your best outcome here we pick 5 best weight loss apps which are completely free to use.

1.  My Fitness Pal (Free)

#   Android – Rating: 4.7 star from 548,636 reviews

#   IPhone – Rating: 4.6 star from 387,046 reviews

MyFitnessPal is one of the best weight loss smart phone apps reviewed on Google Play and iSO. It is very easiest and best ever calorie counter apps. It has biggest food database (over 3 million foods) that it can calculate calories.  This app has record over 350 exercises and its offer to get connects with friends to lose weight mutually. This one is Editor’s Pick Apps by Wired and PC Magazine, also featured by the world famous Magazine likes – NY Times, USA Today, Wall Street Journal, NBC, CNET and more.

2.  BMI Calculator (Free)

#   Android – Rating: 4.2 star from 26,118 reviews

#   IPhone – Rating: 4+ from (unknown) reviews

Body Mass Index generally known as BMI Calculator is a free and ideal apps for weight loss based on gender and age. By this app you can easily calculate your BMI, Body Fat Percentage, Waist-to-Height Ratio and Calorie Consumption. You can also use this app to get your weight details in addition to help you to lose your weight. With this app you will get essential info what you need to achieve your fitness targets. With very small amount of fee you can unlock the ad-free (premium) version.

3.  Diet Point (Free)

#   Android – Rating: 4.3 star from 22,054 reviews

#   IPhone – Rating: 4+ star from 69 reviews

Control your weight by Diet Point, one of the most successful weight loss apps. They claim that DP has the largest diet plan list. It has BMR and BMI calculators with meal reminders. More than 5 million users (DP Claim) used this app worldwide to lose their weight and get fit. In DP you can find over 130 complete plans for your diet and DP will tell you with each plan how much weight you will lose.

4.  Noom Weight Loss Coach (Free)

#   Android – Rating: 4.3 star from 107,363 reviews

  IPhone – Rating: 4.5 star from 191 reviews

Noom is a personalized coach and highly trusted weight loss solutions for all smart phones (Android and IPhone) user. They claim that their user can lose their 10 lbs weight (average) within 2 months. This app will not only track workouts and calories but also provides coaching that will keep user motivated. So if you want to lose weight then get this app right now.

5.  Diet Assistant (Free)

#   Android – Rating: 4.0 star from 9,092 reviews

  IPhone – Rating: 4.4 star from 35 reviews

Diet Assistant app for them, who are struggling to lose or maintain their weight through a healthy way of living and eating. It contains diet plans for vegetarian as well as non-vegetarian. DA works like personal trainers and chefs to keep them right way. It has BMI calculator, personalized diet plans, a weight loss tracker, and weight loss tips with more. DA claims that they have more than 2 Millions happy users worldwide.

Note: WYL dedicate this post to all overweight people worldwide. We pick these 5 best apps based on user reviews, user ratings, web search and from community discussion. These weight loss apps for all smart phone user and successfully designed to help people to lose their overweight.

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Featured Image: via Noom Weight Loss Coach

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