Best Britax Advocate Convertible Car Seat Review

Britax Advocate Car Seat

Parents make choices about quality every day in the products they purchase for their families. It’s okay to skimp on some things. Going with the off-brand peanut butter is fine, despite what the commercial of our childhood said about “picky Moms.” Remember? Other things you wouldn’t consider taking a short cut to save a few dollars. Your child’s safety is at the top of the list, and their car seat needs to the best available.

Taking the Britax Wherever You Go

When planning a trip, many of us base our route on the type of road we prefer travelling. When time is important, we take the highways. When a leisurely drive is on the schedule, we prefer the byways. When we want to drive through the nicest part of town, we opt for the avenue. But in order to keep our child as safe as they can be on any road surface, we take the best convertible car seat 2016 the whole way.

Britax Advocate CS Car Seat

The Britax Advocate CS just may fit that description, and is an iParenting Media Award winner. Protection begins with rigid shell technology that extends forward far enough to shield occupants in side impact collisions, keeping the child in the seat safety zone and guarding against intruding materials. Side impact occurs in 25% of crashes, and produces disproportionately high injuries and fatalities. So the Britax patented True Side Impact Protection makes great sense for pennies more. The whole range of patented and proven Britax safety features are here, giving you the confidence you desire to buckle in your child and go do the things you need to do to care for your family, and want to do to enrich their lives.

This convertible car seat delivers quality safety with patented design that protects no matter from what direction and impact occurs. The shell features rigid design and a collapsible base that diverts and absorbs impact. The shell is lined with energy absorbing foam lining for extra protection and comfort. The seat is padded below and on the sides, and the harness is padded and easy to adjust to exactly the right snugness. Side impact protection keeps your child’s body positioned correctly and protects from materials that might penetrate the vehicle. All of the padding and the reclining seat guarantee a comfortable ride on the Boulevard CS, too.

Size and Weight Recommendations

The little one will ride comfortable in reverse mode from 5 lbs to 35 lbs. Face the seat forward at 12 months and 20 lbs, and the growing guy or gal rides safe all the way 65 lbs or 49 inches. Your precious passenger’s comfort is also assured with the Britax Advocate. Padding everywhere, easy-ride harness and a seat that sits upright for viewing the passing scenery or reclines to several positions for more restful pursuits. Ride safe and comfortable, and look great too. Choose from Kathryn, Moonstone, Onyx, Opus Gray, and Opus Tan.

The Best on the Block

If the unthinkable should occur, and you are in an accident, you want the absolute best protection available for your child. Just as the local boulevard usually boasts the finest homes in the neighborhood, so the Britax Convertible car seat offers the finest protection in their line, and perhaps the industry.

More patented technology than we can mention keeps your child secure should the collision come from rear, side or front. The rigid shell and shock absorbing foam liner protects from side and rear, while the “True Side Impact Protection” works to hold your child’s neck and spine in proper alignment at all times. The secure five-point padded harness, the HUGS system, and versa-tether technology in the seat prevent excessive forward movement of your child or the car seat itself.

All seats on our site are picking from Amazon Marketplace. If you prefer to shop directly at Amazon, view all Britax Advocate CS Convertible Car Seats currently for sale in the marketplace.

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