The Bad Side of Bunk Beds that Every Parent Know About!

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Nothing could be so much advantageous to save the kids room walking space than the modern bunk beds. It is a great idea to give a great surprise to our kids. This bed will bring aristocratic look in your home and the kids or guest will stay always happy and safe during their sleeping period.

It has numerous good side that inspire a users to have one for them but it also have some disadvantages also, that everyone should know before have one for their loving kids.

The Bad Side of a Bunk Bed:

In today’s articles we’ll show bad side of a bunk bed, these are common issue of this most needed kids furniture products. But if we give some extra concern on it and on the time of buying then this common issue will become uncommon. Let’s check out the cons of a bunkies …

  • Safety Concerns:

When you are giving a bunk bed to your kids, you should concern about their safety issues. Here you have to place one bed above another bed. If you buy low quality’s material bed or install it poorly, it may break down. Now think a scenario, if it breaks down on your kid, how much the result can be disastrous.

Keep enough distance between the beds to avoid their injury. The bottom kid’s head may hit the top bed’s bottom surface if you do not keep enough gaps. Again the top kid may also hit the ceiling if the gap between upper bed and ceiling stays low.

When kids are staying in a room, they love to play with each other and bunk beds give them these opportunities. But playing in the top bed or in the ladder can be highly risky. They are not matured and without thinking the result, they may push each other. If any kid falls from dangerous height, he or she can be seriously injured.

  • Climbing up and down:

The ladder is a risky thing and the children often face accidents here. Kids may lose their control when they are going up or coming down through the ladder. Obviously, the top kids face its maximum time.


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When they stay tired and sleepy, they cannot keep their body balance properly and that is one of the main reasons for getting the injury. Again slippy stairs can be dangerous for any persons. The adult people who have the physical restriction, they may also slip down from it.

  • Close ceiling:

If the top bed stays very close to the ceiling, it can be very dangerous for the users. They can be hit by the ceiling fan. Again in that position, if electric cables or light stay close to the bed. And kids or adult may touch it accidentally – the result of the incident can be deadly.

  • Managing kids:

Managing top kids is always tough for the parents. In that height, you will not get enough room to take care of them freely. If the kid of the upper bed gets sick, you will have to go up and come down randomly. It will be such a pain for you and that will not let you take care of them comfortably.

  • Changing the bed sheet:

Climbing up and changing the upper bed sheet is really not an easy task to do. There is no way to reach the top bed except using the stairs. So it can be a challenging issue.

At last, we can say that every product has its positive and negative sites. But despite having some bad side of bunk beds, a lot of parents still use it for their kids. Accident is accident; it will never come to you by telling that I’m coming.

So, if we follow some safety rules then we’ll overcome from any unexpected situation. This article is to show you the common cons of a bunk bed. The good news is that most of the user of this bunkies feels happy to have one.

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