Best Alternatives to Botox, Prevention is better than Botox

Alternatives to Botox

Best Botox Alternative

Botox alternatives, why you need? Though botox can help you to make your face younger but after taking botox injection (very expensive) you will have several side-effects such as – headaches, nausea, and pain. Because botox injection paralyzed your facial muscles and that is why your skin looks smooth and firm.

Are you still thinking to use botox to make yourself younger? If YES, then you should consider natural botox alternatives first – as Forbes suggest. In below we discussed alternatives to botox and natural prevention methods.

Step-1: Buy Natural Products

First you can go with natural beauty products (Branded) as botox alternatives. Branded products are my first choice (you can contact with your beauty expert for more suggestion). Beauty products contain natural elements like – oats, aloe, lavender, cactus collagen, antioxidants, and bear berries with rose oil. These products can be your best alternatives to botox surgery to remove wrinkles.

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Step-2: Products with Alpha Hydroxy Acids

Alpha Hydroxy Acids Shorty known as AHAs are used to moisturize skin and remove dead cells to get smooth and firming looks. AHAs remove top dead layer of the skin and firm your skin to give you younger looks. Forbes claimed Alpha Hydroxy Acids as alternatives of botox that can cure sun-damaged skin. These are available than botox and less expensive.

6 Natural Preventions Methods Instead Botox

Prevention is the best way instead of buying products as botox alternatives. You can use prevention method describes below to be safe and avoid botox surgery.

Step-1: Use of Sunscreen

Suns UV rays are the major cause of aging and many other skin problems. So you can protect yourself from all kinds of skin problems by avoiding sun-shine. Always use sunscreen before going outside in a sunny day. Also you can wear a hat or keep an umbrella with you to get some shade on your face. You can get long run benefits if you apply this method.

Step-2: Drink Plenty of Water

All we know that water is a very important for our life and our body contain more than 70% water which keeps us hydrated. If our body becomes dehydrated then it will show outside via skin. But many people always forgot it or ignore it. So, if you desire to look younger at all age then you must keep your skin hydrated always by drinking enough water which can keep your skin smooth and fresh and you won’t need to take botox injection in future.

Step-3: Pepper Facials

Pepper facials are the best way to revive you skin because it contains anti-aging elements and antioxidants. You can make use of green, red and yellow peppers. You just have to make mixture like paste by blender machine and use this into your face. Now wait 10 to 20 minutes and then wash your face.

Step-4: Acupuncture Facelift

Acupuncture facelift are the best alternatives and you will never need botox injection to make your skin younger. Acupuncture therapy executed by the professional acupuncturist, they will use tiny needle and insert them into your face. This will increase the blood flow into your skin which will tightens your skin and reduce your aging looks.

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Step-5: Keep Your Body Healthy

Always keep your body and skin healthy by taking proper nutrition because it is another key ways of botox alternatives. You must avoid smoking, alcohol, and use of any drugs. Eat healthy foods contain vitamin and nutrients.

Step-6: Facial Creams

You can use facial cream, but you have to pick the right facial cream from thousands of fake products. So, before buying talks to your well-known beauty experts for suggestion and make sure that the product contains all natural ingredients which contain folic acid, retinol, and vitamin K-C-E which can be your best natural alternatives to botox.

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